The story behind House of Gucci’s most iconic outfits

Fashion played an important aspect for the film. It helped to tell the story about the Guccis as it was in the past. The wardrobe choices are truly iconic and that is all thanks to costume designer Janty Yates.

Filmmaker Ridley Scott brings us the incredible true story of a true dynasty, The House of Gucci, a riveting tale of ambition, greed, betrayal and murder set in the glamorous, million-dollar world of Haute Couture.

The story spans three turbulent decades of the Gucci family empire, brought to life by an impressive cast. At the centre of the film are Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver) and Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga).

Despite all drama inside the film, it is one of fashion’s most prominent dynasties. The film is full of extravagant and extraordinary looks, from impeccably tailored suits and embellished gowns to big jewels and even bigger hair. All of these aspects help to re-tell the story as it was in the past. Designer Janty Yates is in charge of the film’s costume.

“We started working a year before the shooting of the film and, under the guidance of my chief cutter Dominic Young, the department made about 60% of the outfits that Gaga wears in the film: skirts, blouses, coats. They took care of everything. They did an incredible job,” Yates acknowledges.

In the film, costuming plays a crucial role in showing the narrative arcs of the characters. For instance, Patrizia (Lady gaga) begins the film wearing feminine dresses and sweater sets and showing off a decidedly ladylike woman style in the early days of her courtship with Maurizio.

Once married into the Gucci family, Patrizia’s clothing becomes more opulent and ostentatious—a reflection of her new life of luxury. For that, the designer wore the character with over-the-top outfits complemented with lots of outrageous fine jewellery.

Yates also found that Patrizia also preferred to wear other brands like Yves Saint Laurent during her heyday as Lady Gucci. When Patrizia was Maurizio’s wife, Yates had to show a real custom of that moment. For that, she relied on Dominic Young, who custom made costumes that resembled YSL dresses and Chanel suits of the time.

Even Lady Gaga herself lent her vintage garments to the designer’s team. “I knew Patrizia Gucci loved Yves Saint Laurent, so I got lots and lots of vintage Saint Laurent and other pieces from two extraordinary couture stores, but LG also had its archive, so it was a fabulous surprise,” Yates explains.