The most stylish shoes to wear with baggy jeans

How to combine baggy jeans with the right shoes? Here, there are some examples of what shoes style are the best to wear with baggy jeans.

Few items of clothing are as versatile as a pair of jeans. They look good with -almost- everything and have that wonderful feature of adapting to any situation, dress code or unexpected plan. In this case we are talking about the very comfortable baggy jeans, the trend of this year and that will continue for several more.

And, of course, you cannot miss ‘those’ shoes that make your baggy jeans look splendid and fabulous.  There are no absolute shoe models for your baggy jeans since each one has got its essence of styling and brings its dynamism to any seasonal outfit. However, do you need the right sneakers to wear baggy jeans? The answer is YES. You will look amazing with the correct shoe wherever you go.

According to recent fashion week runways, baggy jeans will be the only clothing item we will wear in 2022. Therefore, shoes come to play a fundamental role since they can elevate or leave you with an unappealing look.

To prevent the previously mentioned aspect, we prepare a selective guide of designs to create an absolute and incredible look in a couple of minutes.

What are the best shoes to pair with baggy jeans?

Hailey Bieber is a fashion icon. She always inspires people with her fashionable and elegant outfits.

In this case, she wears torn baggy jeans rolled up, a basic white T-shirt, a long blazer and high heels. You can wear them in any colour.

Bella Hadid shows a street style look complemented with loafers or ballerinas. It does not look sporty but amazing!

In this case, Kendall Jenner opts for baggy leather jeans. She complements them with an oversized black jacket, coloured high neck blouse and white sports shoes. If you want to look comfortable and stylish, this is the perfect option for you.

Track boots are another stunning combination to consider to wear with baggy jeans.

The model combines the same texture and pattern between the bag, the Dior jacket and underneath, she combines jeans-jeans, a risky but successful look along with track boots. You need to wear them with a tight hem and only accentuate the loose end at the top. This way, you will not get unfavourable cuts.