The 6 Spring/Summer 2022 Shoe Trends to Know Now

The spring 2022 shoe trends will get the most playtime in your closet.

We can’t help but love this season. It is one of the best seasons as international fashion collections offer us colourful and extravagant outfits, accessories and even stylish shoes during this period of the year. For this Spring-Summer 2022, fashion designers have given us an overview of the most glamorous and extravagant shoes in trend. They have also offered us creative and chic alternatives to invite us to innovate our wardrobe and recover retro lessons from past eras.

After spending so much time in our best sneakers, the runway shows have provided us with refreshing new ideas, from platform heels to sports sandals.

Updating your closet with the best offers of last-minute shoe trends for 2022 should be included in your to-do list.

This year’s footwear trends will make you shine on any occasion, enhancing your look to the fullest.

For those hoping to get ahead of the wave, here are the top shoe trends for spring 2022.


Miu Miu has offered us loafers with heels characterized by simplicity and comfort. The brand added a few centimetres of the heel to give a touch of formality to the shoe. It’s simply perfect to wear with pencil skirts in knit fabric or one of the season’s vibrant on-trend colours.


Prada offers us modern heels to overcome the monotony of everyday life this year. They have got a perfect shiny finish, an exciting colour and a very feminine small heel that allows freedom of movement.


There are years when they disappear and other years when they come back in full force. The strappy sandals tied at the ankle or on the leg are a fantastic option for summer outfits. Now, in addition, they are backed by the universe of fashion trends, predicting that their presence will invade the street this season.


The transparent high-heeled shoes that we always dreamed of in childhood, Versace brings us to this new Spring-Summer 2022 season to remind us of the past. This shoe style is proposed in exuberant and fun colours, with bright applications and a perfect high heel. Donatella does know how to move her clients to tears.


These kind of quirky shoes were among the most talked-about during the Spring-Summer 2022 runway shows. Fashion editors loved Jonathan Anderson’s Loewe stilettos, which featured cracked eggs, nail polish, upside-down roses, bars of soap and birthday candles as heels.


For those who love platform shoes, Versace and Saint Laurent have proposed new lines of incredible shoes. They have been designed in bright and extravagant colours. And the higher, the better. Right?