Simonetta Lein Has the World at Her Feet: Exclusive Interview

Brilliant career: No matter, whether she works as a model, TV-host or social activist, Simonetta Lein always shines light! Read her exclusive interview here.

Simonetta wears a total look by The Confessional Showroom NYC
Simonetta Lein | Photos by Ailin Stimson

She runs a successful TV show “The Simonetta Show”, and has got a career that keeps on growing every day. Sweeping away more than 13.4 million Instagram followers with her beauty and charm, she cares about humanity and helps people in need through her non-profit organization The WishWall Foundation. Her Enthusiasm and positive thoughts about changing the world are immense and admirable, and our question is: Is there anything Simonetta Lein cannot do? The answer is no. She is a multi-faceted woman, who believes in herself and in others’ capacity to become their dreams come true. 

Businesswoman, supermodel and fashion lover, her fans keep on posting on Simonetta’s Instagram official account, “you are so amazing!”, “taking over the world”, “you look so fabulous” … Yes, she is an absolute inspiration for many people around the world.  

So, to know more about this amazing and heartfelt celebrity, we invite you to keep reading this exclusive and intimate interview with Simonetta Lein for Chloé. She stays closer to her fans by talking about her life, successful career as a model, TV-host and businesswoman, her objective in life of helping people make her dreams come true while sharing some scoops about newest and upcoming projects.

Be our guest!

C: It’s an honour for us to interview one of the most influential TV host, model-activist and social media personality around the world, Simonetta Lein. Please, tell us about yourself. 

SL: I am very happy to be here. I always liked your magazine and the fashion you guys showcase. I am sitting in my kitchen sipping some tea ready to start this interview. I am so happy! 

C: You wear many hats – model, TV host, mega superstar influencer (with 13.4 million followers and counting) and businesswoman. How do you deal with your busy schedule and the pressure of being in the spotlight?  

SL: The best advice I got from my dad as he always said: When in stress, do one thing at a time. You can bet that wearing all those hats can be very pressuring but as Rihanna said it best: do not let them see you sweat. There is so much behind the scenes in order to have it come together like clockwork and sometimes you have to step back and do one thing at a time indeed.

Simonetta wears a total look by The Confessional Showroom NYC
Simonetta Lein | Photos by Ailin Stimson

C: What are the 3 most important things that people should know about Simonetta Lein? 

SL: I am still the same child who grew up in a small village in Italy, with the same enthusiasm and maybe less fears as the big city taught me life.

I am passionate about animals and nature, if I see some trash on the ground in the middle of nature, I am the person who picks it up. Cannot stand people who deliberately pollute and have no respect for others.

I fight for human rights around the world, and I am behind everything that my non for profit The Wishwall Foundation does. I curate every humanitarian cause we support.

C: When you are not in business, how is it a regular day for you?

SL: Wake up late when my dog allows 😉 as he likes to wake up early. Have my morning hot tea or I do not function. Probably have a brunch that I or my husband cook and then a movie marathon all day until late. I am a movie lover and I love to snuggle with my pooch and my husband in front of the TV and especially when it is cold outside lighting a fire. 

C: What motivates you to keep moving forward? 

SL: I need to find always that passion and that spark, when I feel I am losing it the only trick is to go inwards instead of looking outside. My biggest competition is myself. When my energy is off, everything goes off. 

C: We are in love with the cover image and editorial, and your fans do love them, too! Please, tell us about your time shooting the cover image. 

SL: Thank you! Empire State Building and Times Square vibes are some of my favourites. As an artist, it is all about the energy flow. When you model you have to create images, the crowd gives me inspiration. That day many people were breakdancing and cheering in the streets. People walking, and gathering, it is the best feeling to see life all around. While I was shooting those pictures people were recognizing me and calling my name and wanting a picture. That was my extra motivation to bring home this photo shoot for you guys and so I want to thank my fans for being so kind and supportive. You give me life. 

C: The “Simonetta Lein Show” is a magnificent TV show project. What inspired you to set it up? 

SL: Thank you so much for your beautiful recognition. It all started in January 2020 when we still didn’t know our world would have been shut down. I was requested by a production company to start my show. When everything got shut down we pivoted and continued, from home and then from a studio where I connect with some of the biggest celebrities and personalities in the world with a click. I never envisioned the format would have continued this long and this big. Being a millennial I am digitally native so the fact that the show is digitally native and lives digitally is such a huge accomplishment as I remember when people didn’t even know what a zoom call was or what influencers actually do. We disrupted the fashion industry, the business industry and now the entertainment industry. Sorry, not sorry ;).

C: You have recently announced that “The Simonetta Lein Show” 5th season is here and we are really excited about it! Are there any exclusive details about the show that you have not announced yet, and that you could possibly share with all your fans?

SL: The 5th season launched with a 17 M views episode with Mark Cuban from the hit show Shark Tank bringing business wisdom and medical freedom. From there Pastor Cal from Married at First Sight shared incredible tips for married couples, my charity spotlight episode after that showcased KGSA in Africa taking care of girls and teaching them soccer while educating them and saving their lives. Then Dog The Bounty Hunter with his self-defence tips and his dedication to justice in helping to find a missing person which just became a documentary on Lifetime.

I am interviewing some of the most successful people on the planet, and I am doing so to inspire everyday people to better themselves. What I am finding out is that these millionaires and billionaires are the humblest people. When you get up there it is very hard, I have never met a truly successful person who is not down to earth. That can show what true success is. 

C: What are the key 4 things you always do before starting your show? 

SL: Going through the questions with my production manager Kate Massih that I will ask my guest. That comes first and then hair, makeup, and choosing the outfit are fundamental steps before shooting and checking it all with the lights and microphone colours so that everything is perfect. 

C: Is there anyone who is a big inspiration for you in the industry? Why? 

SL: I love Barbara Corcoran. She reminds me of my pure inner child. She is so powerful and energetic. No matter the time passes, that spark never changed for her and interviewing her reminded me again how important it is to find every day that sparks every day inside of me as a true key to success.

Simonetta wears a total look by The Confessional Showroom NYC
Simonetta Lein | Photos by Ailin Stimson

C: Your Instagram feed is plenty of incredible images of you wearing glamorous and fashionable pieces. What does fashion mean to you?

SL: Fashion is art, it can make people feel confident and beautiful. I feel empowered by those dresses and I feel that is the best description of what fashion can do to you. 

C: What are the fashion pieces you cannot live without?

SL: My tie-die sweat suit, my husband’s and me matching outfits, my Mary Poppins big bag where I keep everything but the kitchen sink and long cardigans.

C: You are considered to be one of the Top 5 Fashion Influencers in the world by Forbes. Congratulations! What does it mean to you? Do you think this “title” has changed you in any way?

SL: Thank you so much. Yes, it motivated me to keep my status or do better. You better think I do not want that ranking to go down 😉

C: If you had the chance to work for a fashion show, who would be your dreamy designer?

SL: Alexander Mc Queen baby. Omg, his fashion is a dream, his version of a woman is strong and empowered, with handmade details that give me pure emotions when I look at it. As well as Diane von Furstenberg and her wrap dresses and those prints. 

I want to meet both of them! 

Simonetta wears a total look by The Confessional Showroom NYC
Simonetta Lein | Photos by Ailin Stimson

C: We are intricate in your philanthropy and charitable organization “The WishWall Foundation”. Could you tell us more about the project, and what is the experience of being the Vice President of such an important organization? 

SL: I am the founder and Vice President of a true dream. When I first had the idea, I just wanted to see happier faces in the world and grant wishes to strangers every time I could. Now it became so much bigger project as we grant meaningful wishes in the world, those that can impact an entire community. Talking about it still gives me the same emotion as when I started it in 2015, so that is a sign of love and you can truly run a non for profit only if you have a lot of love and dedication for it. That is my biggest advice. You will find yourself alone many times just wanting to fix the world, which will drive you insane. But you can better the world one wish at a time. One thing at a time as my dad taught me. 

C: What does it mean the “WishWall Foundation” to you? What would you like to say to those people who may like to collaborate and support the cause?

SL: I want passionate people who genuinely want to see lives transformed because of the actions we can do to better their lives. I want people with ideas, I want to be that leader who sees their team succeed and be that inspiration for me. People with true heart and who want to put everything they can just to see a “before and after of a project”, who do not quit ever – that is what I need, please write me at 

C: How did you first get involved in working as a social activist for the defence of human rights advocacy?

SL: It all started with my parents and their love for what is right. My parents were activists in the Seventies and always kept that spirit. My parents are good people whose hearts never changed. They are my inspiration. 

C: Caring for humanity is part of your DNA. How is the experience of being the voice of so many people in need and helping them enhance their lives through your foundation? 

SL: It is thrilling and I take it very seriously. I still remember when I first arrived in Philadelphia and with The Wishwall Foundation I was able to rename a street for a young lady killed in a hit-and-run accident and helped with finding her killer who served his time in prison. That showed me that simple individuals can change things. We keep on looking to big government for help but we, the community, are the true asset to this world. I granted that wish and I was at that time just an immigrant who wanted to help. I am now a proud American who continues to help. I want all Americans to remember how lucky we are in this country and invite them to travel to truly understand the beauty and strength of this nation. 

C: You’ve had a busy year! What were the highlights of 2022?

SL: Wrapping up season 4 of The Simonetta Lein Show, winning the media personality award in Cannes, producing and launching the 5th season of The Simonetta Lein Show. 

C: You’re an inspiration and an incredible role model for so many girls and boys around the world. What is your biggest dream for the upcoming new year? 

SL: Peace. Outside and inside. I feel we are all so tired of waiting for “what bad comes next”. There are so many good stories around the world and the media fails to show them. We truly need reconstruction in and out.

C: What does come to mind when you hear this phrase: “Women Empowerment”? What does it mean to you?

SL: I was one of the first to talk about it when it wasn’t even cool 😉 it means reminding women we are creators, we are mothers, we can be confident in our skin and support each other. 

C: Anything else you would like to share with Chloé?

I love you Chloé! This has been such a beautiful interview, so well done and interesting. I hope your readers will find it useful and onward to more.

Do not forget!

Simonetta Lein works constantly to fulfil the dreams of those in need. Her non-profit 501© charitable organization and social community, The WishWall Foundation’s objective is “to give a voice to the voiceless and to help make meaningful wishes come true.” So, do not forget to check her current work on Instagram and also stream her TV show “The Simonetta Lein Show”. Stay tuned because Simonetta Lein will come with more new projects soon. Love!

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