SCHIAPARELLI 2022 Spring Couture Collection

Creative director Daniel Roseberry’s elegant and refined collection opens Couture Week.

The Spring/Summer 2022 collection from Italian couture house Maison Schiaparelli, which took place at the Petit Palais in Paris, showcases fashion. Conceived during a period of time of hope and uncertainty, “An Age of Discipline” acknowledged and embraced the role that the pandemic context is playing in shaping fashion. The collection reflects the emotional journey of the world over the past year.

As regards silhouettes, Rosenberry was inspired by the empyrean. The skies “are a place to escape the chaos of our planet” he said.

Streamlined jackets and bustiers were present throughout the show. Architectural and elaborate golden structures were also present. Geometric silhouettes were adapted continuously. Accessories such as long gloves were embellished.

Meanwhile, accessories took on a puritanical monochrome colour scheme. The star of the show was the draw-dropping Medusa dress, crafted from gold leather and embellished with gemstones from the 1930s.

There were big, circular hats, resembling planetary rings; gold, crystal-encrusted gloves that rose through the model’s hands like precious weeds; and celestial headpieces sprinkled throughout the 23 looks, which were oozed surrealism. Roseberry explained that this collection had pushed him well beyond the outer limits of his comfort zone. “Doing this show has freaked me out,” he said. “But even though at points I was terrified, I’ve come out of it feeling more confident and more tuned into the house. We’re sharpening our knives now, really refining what we do. It’s like something clicked.”. Take a look at Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2022 collection.