NFT that’s in the game with a long term plan!

New NFTs are popping up like mushrooms during the rainy season, but only few will survive the test of time. Once the dust of mad buying from the investors settles, only a few with a real long term plan and good business model will be able to provide its investors the return they truly deserve.

Investors are learning about the NFT business very fast and only a few have the eye to recognise a collection which has its own unique vision for the buyers. One such unique collection happens to be the ‘Mortal Rhinos Club’ which not only has a defined plan for itself but also for its holders. This collection is developing a game inside the metaverse which the holders can play. Not just that, it also lets you bet on those fights. This makes it very interesting as everyone is able to participate, not just the fighters. This collection rewards its members with real life benefits which are unheard of at the moment. Surely this makes this collection worth our investment. Business models like these are better suited to endure the competition in the long run and rewards and usage will ensure the continuous involvement of the members is ensured.