Moschino Pre-Fall 2022 Menswear Collection

Jeremy Scott was inspired by his own fantasies of dressing for the Moschino Pre-Fall 2022 menswear collection.

Worldwide known designer, Jeremy Scott, presented the MOSCHINO Pre-Fall 2022 Menswear Collection, inspired by the designer’s fantasy about how he dresses, how he dressed in the past and how he imagines himself for the future. This thinking is the rocket fuel for Jeremy Scott’s Pre Fall 2022 Moschino menswear collection, which features a broad medley of wardrobe staples bonded by a verve of fantasy and a gloss of Space Cowboy.

Scott infused the collection with tokens of his own life. Its studded leather chokers from the 1990s, certain elements of grunge, a fair amount of techno and 2000s glitz.

Fantasy Boys read a graphic on a sweatshirt. “So much is going on via screen: fantasy lives, fantasy boys, dressing as you want to dress. That’s why I placed it in outer space and made these space cowboys,” Scott said, referring to the backdrops of his lookbook.