Louis Vuitton Presented its Cruise 2023 in San Diego, California

Exhibited at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California, Louis Vuitton’s cruise collection was an ode to the elements.

Louis Vuitton returned to the runway shows and presented its latest Cruise 2023 runway show in San Diego, California.

The French fashion house chose the Salk Institute for Biological Studies as the main location for the show. “I had seen photos of the Salk, it was on the cover of Louis Vuitton’s 2019 magazine, and I was always curious to see it for real,” said Ghesquière.

“I was curious about the architecture and the environment. So I came to San Diego a couple of years ago and didn’t get a chance to see it, but I saw La Jolla and the beach and enjoyed the ambience.” He continued.

“The Salk Institute has been a wonderful place for me over the years and Louis Kahn’s stunning brutalist architecture against this extraordinary backdrop of the Pacific Ocean and the California sunset provides endless inspiration. It also celebrates intelligence, knowledge and belief in the power of science,” explained Nicolas Ghesquière.

Moreover, Nicolas was keen on using the sun as the key ingredient for the show. It played an active part in the evolution of this wardrobe in which temperature changes set a stylistic tempo.

The unique West Coast light created prisms across shimmering silhouettes, while a myriad of natural materials gave the illusion of a metallic palette.

For this Cruise ’23, the collection was a cinematic interpretation of sun, heat and light, as shimmering metallic fabrics were the stars of the line. Moreover, it featured “clothes to celebrate the sun and clothes to protect against it.” Think molten metals that shimmered in the sun and on the runway, futuristic-looking protective sunglasses, goddess-style jacquard tunics, hybrid shoes that were a mix of safari boots, sneakers and mules, and complex, draped fabrics that gave it a nomadic aesthetic.

VIPs in the front row included Miranda Kerr, Emma Roberts, Ana de Armas, Phoebe Dynevor, Samara Weaving, Chloë Grace Moretz, Gemma Chan, Iris and Maude Apatow, seated next to their mother Leslie Mann, as well as Steve Jobs’ model daughter Eve Jobs.

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