Lady Gaga returns with 9-inch platforms

Lady Gaga broke the internet these days and delighted thousands of people who saw her walking through the streets of New York, wearing a 22-centimetre platform of Pleaser Shoes. This situation went viral in a matter of minutes. It reminded us of her old-time at Alexander McQueen.

How high can a heel go? The pop singer continues to surprised her fans and the press. This time, she turned head in 9-inch platform heels while out in New York City. Very stylish and elegant, the ‘Born This Way’ singer complemented her outfit with a Magda Butrym black body-con dress, a beautiful Lanvin leather bag, Dita Day sunglasses, of course, the ‘Infinity 1020″ platform boots from Pleaser Shoes. The most shocking thing is that the singer made it clear that she is an expert in this type of footwear. Some of her fans could see her walking (in a very relaxed way) through the streets of New York in this imposing heel.

Gaga was so kind that she stopped for a few seconds and posed in front of the paparazzi, then approached the fans who were waiting for her outside the hotel, handing out autographs and selfies.

The ‘Poker Face’ singer showed us that it is possible to wear high heels without the fear of falling. It has also shown us that black is a great colour for any outfit and can be a good option when combining with high platform shoes.

However, the return of Pleaser platforms boots is a surprise for her fans, as she has not used them for such a long time, especially after albums with a soberer image like ‘Joanne’.

Currently, the search for “high heels” increased this spring. The shop fashion Brand, Lyst, reported a 163% increase in searches for platform shoes. Likewise, the runways also indulged our love for platforms, featuring Versace, Molly Godard, Schiaparelli.