8 Iconic Celebrity Halloween Makeup Looks To Try

In case you’re looking for some costume ideas, we’ve rounded up some of the most mind-blowing Halloween hair and makeup moments from the past few years

Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid

If you were too busy enjoying your Halloween festivities this weekend to scroll through Instagram, allow us to catch you up. Our feeds were flooded with plenty of celebrity makeup transformations, and most of them looked incredible. Such is the case of Gigi Hadid with her green face paint and yellow outfit to disguise herself as The Mask! While others celebs, opted for subtler makeovers, like Kim Kardashian looking so cute with the “Legally Blonde” costume.

We’ve rounded up some of the most mind-blowing Halloween hair and makeup moments of recent years.


Adam Levine’s rambo look was all we always needed. The special effects done, the outfit and the makeup look was perfectly done that we are obsessed with it.

Adam Levine’s Rambo look.


Anne Hathaway’s incredible Halloween costume recreation as Cleopatra is also a must-try!  The actress served up major Cleopatra vibes in this Halloween makeup look – gold eyeshadow, bold smokey eyes, glossy lipstick.

Anne Hathaway as Cleopatra.


Bella Hadid’s cat woman look caught all our attention! It looked so sexy on her. Trying out this sexy cat woman costume from Bella Hadid should also feature an incredible makeup look, too: purple eyeshadow, a soft contour, and a strong lip.

Bella Hadid’s cat woman look.


Elsa Hosk’s throwback to Natalie Portman’s character, Alice in Closer is a MUST-TRY. But, please, do not forget to complete it with a very pretty and easy to re-create makeup look – All you need is some pink eyeshadow, a pink lip, and some lash-lengthening mascara.

Elsa Hosk’s Closer look.


Gigi Hadid’s as The Mask was iconic! The supermodel wanted to recreate Jim Carrey’s famous character. This is easily one of the most popular Halloween costumes, and Hadid nailed it.

Gigi Hadid’s The Mask makeup look.


Celebrity Kim Kardashian did her best to pay attention to every single detail from the “Legally Blonde” costume and it was basically perfect.

Kim Kardashian’s “Legally Blonde” look.


Kendall Jenner’s shiny-wood fairy costume was just amazing! If you are interested in trying out her costume look, do not forget to match it with a perfect layer on gold eyeshadow, chrome highlighter, and sparkly body glitter. And, have your hair in cascading waves.

Kendall Jenner’s wood fairy look.


Adam Lambert’s devil look features some red eyeshadow and a couple of devil horns. Red-eye contacts are a must-have item or any devil costume.

Adam Lambert’s devil look.