Hailey Bieber x Superga collection

Superga has chosen Hailey Bieber to become the new global muse and ambassador of its Fall/Winter 2021 collection.

The iconic Italian footwear brand has chosen the American model, Hailey Bieber, as the new global ambassador. The brand has also chosen her as the protagonist of the spring-summer 2021 campaign. Bieber perfectly embodies the most authentic spirit of Superga, the timeless, carefree, relaxed style of each of their designs.

“Superga is synonymous with Italy, so when I was asked to become the new Superga ambassador, I immediately thought that this is one of my favourite countries. I spent a part of my honeymoon there! I love the history and the legacy of this brand,” said Hailey in the statement issued to the media. “Superga is a shoe that has remained true to its origins and has never gone out of style. It is timeless and elegant, and I feel that it fits perfectly with my style,” she highlighted.

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