Fashion Colour Trends To Inspire Your Summer 2023 Style

5 fashion colour trends to inject into your summer wardrobe right now.

Courtesy of Michael Kors SS’23.

The warm-weather seasons like summer are the perfect moment for you to break the rules and wear the boldest colours. The latest Spring-Summer 2023 shows envisioned the stunning colour trends that graced the runways during Fashion Week. The blooming flowers, longer days, and radiant sunshine serve as the perfect inspiration to embrace a more vibrant wardrobe. 

This season brings an array of captivating shades that will undoubtedly catch everyone’s attention. The colour palette for this season revolves around striking and bold tones. Imagine outfits adorned with the brilliance of Kelly green, the timeless elegance of classic cobalt, and the fiery allure of red. Also, explore a slightly softer and pastel-based palette, featuring enchanting shades like butter yellow, powder blue, and electric lilac. Every hue on this colourful spectrum conveys a sense of cheerfulness and playfulness that will make your summer shopping experience truly delightful. 

As the weather begins to transition and warm days sporadically appear amidst the colder season, take inspiration from the captivating colour choices showcased on the spring/summer runways. Designers such as Valentino stepped away from the typical Barbie pink and opted for their iconic, eye-catching bright-red hues. Victoria Beckham embraced a gentle, powder-blue tone, while Jason Wu and Carolina Herrera showcased a soft butter yellow that can effortlessly serve as a neutral or a vibrant pop of colour, depending on how you style it. The options are endless! 

Let’s turn back time and immerse ourselves in the glorious shades of the season by exploring the spring and summer runways. Get ready to infuse your everyday wardrobe with an explosion of delightful colours that will make heads turn wherever you go. 


Embracing the pastel palette of the season, Spring runways were awash with powder blue, a versatile tone that can serve as both a neutral backdrop and a captivating pop of colour. Deveaux amplified the saturation, presenting head-to-toe colour looks, while Victoria Beckham offered a perfect balance of pigment, providing a colourful alternative to traditional springtime whites. Regardless of your style, powder blue stands as a definite must-have for this season.

Courtesy of Victoria Beckham.

As seen at Victoria Beckham, Givenchy, Hermès


As Barbie Pink takes a step back, its deeper-toned sister emerges, bringing the commanding allure of red to the forefront. Alexander McQueen is at the forefront of this trend, designing power jumpsuits in this bold hue, while Akris opts for flowing dresses in the same captivating shade. Red has never been more stylish and commanding.

Courtesy of Michael Kors.

As seen at Michael Kors, Alexander McQueen, Akris, Valentino, and Alaia.


Styling green can be a challenge, prompting designers to adopt a “choose your own adventure” approach for this spring’s colour trend. Some designers embraced timeless Kelly greens or soft mint tones, while others boldly incorporated vibrant acidic hues into the mix.

Courtesy of Victoria Beckham.

As seen in Victoria Beckham, Lela Rose, Alberta Ferretti, and Brandon Maxwell.


Barbie pink is still dominating the current season’s fashion trends. However, the fashion colour trends of 2023 are leaning towards paler and more subdued shades of pink, with a resurgence of soft, feminine pink. Fashion houses and designers have been incorporating these paler pinks into their collections, creating a range of clothing items, accessories, and even cosmetics that reflect this new trend. Garments such as dresses, blouses, skirts, and coats have been offered in these softer pink hues, allowing individuals to embrace their femininity and express a more subtle form of self-expression.

Courtesy of Stella McCartney.

As seen at Stella McCartney, Vetements, and Fendi Couture.


For the spring season, designers are embracing the simplicity of cobalt, one of the three primary colours on the wheel. This bold and vibrant blue hue offers a refreshing return to basics. It serves as a safe option for those who may be less inclined to venture into brighter and sunnier hues in their wardrobe choices.

Courtesy of Loewe.

As seen at Akris, Carolina Herrera, Rokh, and Loewe.