Donatella Returns to the Origins of the Versace House through the Eyes of her Brother Gianni

Donatella Versace presents the Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection at Milan fashion Week: corsets, mannish suits and pop colors on the catwalk.

Hidden, revealed, empowered. These are the three pillars on which the Versace Women’s Fall-Winter 2022 runway show was based. And while these motifs have always permeated the brand since its inception in 1978, this season’s Versace woman felt thrillingly renewed.

It’s an energy that is never shy or withdrawn: you can detect the powerful, seductive sense of mystery. But with the opening look, a black pantsuit that oozed absolute certainty, Donatella signalled the next chapter in what she had already announced as “Versace 2.0”.

The unmistakable Atelier bustier plays a decisive role in the Versace Women’s Fall-Winter 2022 collection, tapping into the iconic sculptural silhouette synonymous with the brand through modernized details. Silhouettes were seductive and enhanced by revealing the bustier under open suits, embedded in the structure of a timeless black blazer or momentarily glimpsed under exaggerated coats.

The show featured a bold red runway, pumping music and an impressive front row, proving this is still THE ticket to have during fashion week.

Besides, oversized tailoring was present too, offering a masculine element to some of the looks, which keep their sexiness with skin-tight tops and low-rise ruched skirts. The legendary cargo pants also had their surreal return, which has not seen the light of day since the 2000s.

The first look to come down was a demur, fluid black pantsuit set. Then, the outfits that followed were more tantalizing – short hemlines and bright pops of fuchsia and cerulean blues.

Models wore a mixture of micro skirts and hot pink mini dresses, and all the garments hugged its wearer’s figure for a skin-tight appearance.

As regards hair and makeup, the looks were also all about the nineties and seemed to be inspired by the look of Donatella Versace herself. Super straight hair, smudged eyeliner, and accentuated cheekbones even had Gigi Hadid transformed into a “Mini-Me” Donatella.

“Never shy or retiring, the Versace Woman for Fall/Winter 2022 has a powerful and seductive sense of mystery, shifting in and out of sight. With unapologetic certainty, she fully owns her allure and knows exactly when to unleash her power,” read the show notes.

During the fashion show, you could also see fitted bodices, which appeared on cropped puffer jackets and long-sleeve crop tops. Corset boning details were worked into the middle section of houndstooth print dresses and silky slips. “It model” Gigi Hadid walked down the runway in a

fiery red dress that featured the aforementioned sultry detail. According to the show notes, “the bustier can be seen both as forceful protective armour and overtly provocative, giving a sense of agency to the wearer.”

See more of the collection below: