Carolina Herrera Fashion Show FW 22-23’ Collection

Classic elegance and sophisticated modern accents marked the Carolina Herrera Fall/Winter 2022-2023 fashion show. Keep reading the article to know more about this incredible fashion runway show.

Sophisticated, hyper-feminine and modern, the Carolina Herrera FW 22-23’ by Creative Director Wes Gordon was characterized by unique pieces to celebrate the moment. All clothing items were designed to achieve the typical “wow” effect of the Maison, paying homage tribute to the founder of CH. Sixties silhouettes alternated with looks with important volumes, with wide skirts echoed by the balloon sleeves of the shirts. Moreover, Wes Gordon also opted for new trends to attract the younger public as the viral square neckline, the favourite of generation Z.

This outstanding fashion show took place located inside a white-lined Manhattan building during the New York fashion week on the day of Valentine’s Day, 

CH FW 22-23’ presented looks in saturated chroma of Crushed Berries, Anemone Blue, Fire Opal, Deep Peony, Evening Primrose Yellow and Dahlia, which burst on the blindingly white runway. 

Gordon was also keen on using shades of black and white to contrast with the bright hues. He said that for this Autumn/Winter 2022 collection, he got inspired by themes of brave and self-assured women, and he also prioritized making “something special and something full of love.”

“The Carolina Herrera woman is looking for epic clothes,” he said, “strong clothes for strong women.”

Gordon also emphasized that there was a reason he was going for the dramatic. “It’s our most fabulous, dramatic pieces that are selling the fastest,” he said. “There is, I think, a desire to celebrate, to get dressed. The moment is right now.”

Most of the models wore sleek pulled-back hairstyles and strappy black heels. Some even wore oversized black sunglasses.

Moreover, there were linear, tailored silhouettes,tulles with greater volume and floral print and bows. “The silhouettes this season are markedly linear and tailored, yet feature moments of exuberance like an undulating cascade, an enormous sleeve or a colour reveal at a hem,” the label explained on its Instagram page.