Authentic Vibes Unleashed: Simonetta Lein

From Fashion Influencer to Global TV Icon in the 6th Season of SLTV, Simonetta Lein is determined to success. Read her exclusive interview here.

Simonetta wears a total look by The Confessional Showroom
Photography by Vikrant Photography

Simonetta Lein is an accomplished fashion influencer, talk show host, and TV personality with over 18.4 million Instagram followers. With an extensive career in the industry, she is determined to never stop dreaming and helping others make their dreams come true.

Her the “Simonetta Lein TV Show” represents the future of entertainment, with renowned and new-faced influencers who start in the business as the centre stars. Its aim is to be a globally recognized brand that fosters a community of love, positivity, and inclusivity, and she has definitely got it.

Beyond her role as a fashion influencer and talk show host, Simonetta Lein embodies her mission to inspire and make a positive impact on others. Her commitment to empowering others and fostering positivity in the fashion industry was recognized at the Cannes Film Festival, where she received the Celebrity Media Personality; Influencer of the Year 2022 award from WIBA – World Influencers Bloggers Award. Simonetta attributes her success to her passion and the support she receives from her team and loved ones. What motivates her to move towards success is the desire to inspire fans and leave behind a positive legacy.

Now, get ready for an incredible season, which promises to be exciting, with an incredible lineup of celebrities, household names, engaging themes and topics, inspiring people to live their best lives in the highly anticipated 6th season of The Simonetta Lein Show (SLTV)!

One of the incredible aspects of SLTV is its diverse range of guests. Simonetta Lein’s natural charm and charisma invites expert guests from various fields, ensuring a show that resonates with a broad audience. The success of SLTV speaks for itself. Ranked #27 by Hollywood Entertainment News out of the top 60 internationally acclaimed shows, this remarkable accomplishment solidifies SLTV’s status as a must-watch show.

We can only expect monumental moments, jaw-dropping fashion, and inspiring conversations during the 6th new season of the SLTV show. In this interview, she shares exclusive details on the SLTV’s new season, discuss her inspiration for pursuing a career on television hosting, her influences, and many more aspects.

Simonetta wears a total look by The Confessional Showroom
Photography by Vikrant Photography

Chloé Magazine: It’s an honor for us to interview once again one of the most influential TV host, model, social media personality, and mega-influencer Simonetta Lein. Please, tell us how are you?

Simonetta Lein: I am happy to be back here once again with a new cover story for The Simonetta Lein Show season 6 release! 2. We are in love with the cover image and editorial!

CM: Please, tell us about your time shooting the cover image.

SL: I also love this outfit and all the work behind it to make it happen. Love all the details as it shows as always that teamwork makes the dream work.

CM: You are an incredible and inspiring TV host! When did you decide to start your own TV show? Please, share your story with us briefly.

SL: Thank you! God blessed me with this talent, and I never ever take it for granted. Even at today after 6 seasons I still get nervous for every interview and get butterflies in my stomach and are so hypercritical with myself. I decided on January 2020 when it was requested from a production company. Little did I know the world would become a much different place from March 2020, so I had to pivot and launch the first to market totally digits mainstream celebrity TV show. When everyone told me no celebrity would have come via zoom, I proved them wrong!

CM: What attributes need to be mastered for someone to achieve success as a TV personality?

SL: You have to be very calm, very persistent, check in with your team constantly but being of help. Cheer them up and lead the way to get great results and interviews accomplished. You have to be able to listen, being empathetic but also sharp and courageous when making some comments or asking extra questions. I always prep very well before the interview but then I love to improvise depending on the content and the energy my guest gives me. That is something that I thank God for, it is that guy instinct that either you have it or you don’t. As well the more you do it the more you feel just more of yourself, you actually discover your limits and your attributes being a host. It is a very humbling experience to me.

CM: Who is your biggest inspiration in the industry? Why?

SL: In the industry I miss Jerry Springer and Bob Saget. I am giving to them my biggest inspiration. Even if they are not here with us in the physical world, their kindness and professionalism has inspired me tremendously to never ever give up, to be punctual and well prepared, to try to make other laugh to cheer them up and bring a smile as the best cure. Miss them a lot

CM: You also inspire others with your fashion choices! What inspired you to become a fashion influencer, and how do you believe your unique perspective sets you apart?

SL: It was natural to me as I have started as a young model and actress. Growing up many years between Italy and America I have learned that the beauty and couture of Italy was very well received in America and as well the strength and power of America was loved in Italy. I saw a perfect combo in me, and I have channeled it with particular looks, dating to do things different but always keeping it classy. I believe a woman has a lot to show when she doesn’t show too much. I love the inner power of being a strong woman and I hope this cover story shows that.

CM: How would you describe your fashion style?

SL: Classy and eccentric at the same time.

Simonetta wears a total look by The Confessional Showroom
Photography by Vikrant Photography

CM: As a prominent figure in the industry, what responsibilities do you feel towards your audience, especially in terms of promoting positive messages and values?

SL: I have being one of the first trying to inspire others via my non for profit The Wishwall Foundation. As well it transpires always my work ethic and the message that there is much more than a superficial world out there and that true and simple values are so important. In any case besides always trying to inspire and teach I do it in my everyday life leading by concrete example making other people’s lives better.

CM: The Simonetta Lein Show” 6th season is here and we are really excited about it! Are there any exclusive details about the show that you have not announced yet, and that you could possibly share with all your fans?

SL: Oh, thank you! We have incredible guests from some of the most iconic shows and movies.

CM: What can viewers expect from the upcoming season of “The Simonetta Lein Show”?

SL: I would just say that this season talks a lot about real human connections in opposition with the AI takeover. I feel we all have to come together about this topic. I would just say I discussed with the incredible Ice T about children and how dangerous this is. We are still in the fight, but we know the real world. If we don’t win this, they will only know an artificial reality. I use technology and I love it, I love real life more though.

CM: Are there specific goals or messages you hope to convey through the interviews in this season?

SL: Real life is amazing. Technology has to serve us, not the other way around. Celebrities are just humans with their lives and should inspire and teach. Stay humble and keep on grinding.

CM: In what ways does “The Simonetta Lein Show” Season 6 aim to inspire and empower its audience?

SL: By asking those questions that truly matters, no glitz or glitters. Real and uncut legacy interviews that will inspire a generation.

CM: Can you tease any surprises or unique segments that viewers can look forward to in the upcoming episodes?

SL: Nope, you will have to tune in and watch it via @simonettalein

CM: What advice would you give aspiring TV hosts who would like to be part of the world of media TV, fashion, and entertainment?

SL: This is the time to step up, create your own concept, do not depend on networks or others to create. Put your very well-organized ideas together, start small but good quality and earn the respect of your public and your guests. Continue and repeat forever. Never ever think you have arrived anywhere. There is always so much to do!

Simonetta wears a total look by The Confessional Showroom
Photography by Vikrant Photography

Simonetta Lein is redefining entertainment, championing a diverse lineup of influencers who symbolize the future of the industry. Her journey is a testament to her passion and the unwavering support of her team and loved ones.

Do not forget to check her current work on Instagram and stream her TV show “The Simonetta Lein Show”. Get ready to be captivated by the magic of Simonetta Lein’s life and the incredible moments that await in the upcoming season of The Simonetta Lein Show!

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